Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach to each and every engagement is based on the uniqueness of the client’s business, their strategic objectives and business priorities. In the case of U.S. companies wanting to enter the Indian market directly, our options can be:

>> Setting up a branch office in India

>> Setting up a wholly owned subsidiary in India

>> Setting up or entering into a joint venture in India

>> Acquiring an existing company in India

>> Investing in a company in India

In the event of organizing collaborative opportunities between India and U.S. markets, we adopt a straight-forward approach involving the following steps:

Opportunity Assessment

To determine market viability and merit, we evaluate factors including market size, industry assessment, competitive landscape, growth forecasting, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis, market requirements and barriers to entry.

Target Strategy

Launchpad develops a marketing mix to position products and services to targeted consumers, with categories sorted by geography/locationand other demographics.

Value Proposition

Whether you need to structure a Joint Venture Equity Model where partners contribute resources to create a new company, or you want to formulate a Contractual Alliance where partners collaborate without creating a joint company, we can help you plan for and manage risks, share costs and inject an energetic entrepreneurial spirit into expanding your footprint. Our value proposition illustrates why partners should do business together rather than with competitors and reveals the clear benefits of products or services from the beginning.

Engagement Model

As partners approach a market, we create an engagement model to guide the working style between joint ventures or contractual alliances and consortiums for specific projects.

Technology Adoption

Adopting product technology that dictates exact methods and implementation can be challenging for technology collaborations. Uprooting technology, implementation and cross-fertilization for commercialization and distribution in new markets calls for streamlined integration. Operations may even include integration of MIS systems especially for joint ventures,to align companies uniformly.

Enabling Model

At this stage, agreements are in place between entities and business/revenue models are well understood. The enablement process provides strategies in an operational matrix that includes the structure of partners in cross-communication, materials for regular updates between partners and go-to-market strategies.

Training & Support

Sales, technical, operational and financial training teams with a comprehensive support structure between partners and the market is established at this stage to ensure seamless customer service.

Monitor & Evolve

Since the nature of businesses and markets are mercurial, the overall process of operations, sales and technical teams must be continually monitored to keep pace with market flux and shifting profitability factors.