Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

Targeted at startup, early stage and mid market enterprises in the U.S., these services are offered through our strategic partner Arithra Consulting. Arithra is a boutique financial advisory company based out of Bengaluru, India. Arithra specializes in enhancing the intrinsic value of businesses using cloud-based proprietary technology tools and automation to address routine issues such as compliance management, financial reporting and monitoring trade finance to free up the CFO’s time to focus on issues of strategic importance. Arithra’s expertise in business planning and analysis, gives the ability to accurately define problem statements, facilitate data based decisions, measure and monitor business performance, manage risk and generate predictive insights for the clients. Arithra’s experience across Business Advisory, Corporate Finance and Financial Planning helps build bespoke models for each client. You can visit arithra at:

Services provided by Arithra, targeted at US clients, include:

India Inbound Investment Strategy

>> Identify opportunities

>> Craft a roadmap for rollout of stages

Incorporation and Establishment

>> Tips and guidelines to smooth the way

Directorship — Regulatory Requirements

>> Strict adherence to necessary rules

Business Planning in India

>> Strategic advice, compilation of business plans

>> Detailed financial forecasts

Office Infrastructure and Support

>> On-site office equipment setup

>> Ongoing support

Corporate Advisory Services

>> Valuation of India Prospects

>> Deal Making and Transaction Consulting

Shared Services

>> Finance and accounting services

>> Cashflow management and monitoring

>> Compliance management and monitoring

>> Financial reporting and analysis